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Barrels By the Bay

Barrels By the BayJanuary 12 2018 A thriving watershed is essential to the overall health of every community we serve. It’s critical to the ecosystem, indispensable for economic prosperity and the success of our business. That is why Coca-Cola Beverages Florida places a priority on water stewardship and is committed to doing our part to [...]

Metropolitan Ministries Volunteers

Coca-Cola Beverages Florida Volunteers at Metropolitan Ministries January 10 2018 Coca-Cola Beverages Florida knows that part of our license to do business on a local level is to take care of the community in which we function. One of the ways we do this is by assisting organizations that empower community members. Metropolitan Ministries is [...]

Coke Florida Attends Florida Recycles Day Conference

Coke Florida attends Florida Recycles Day conferenceJanuary 3, 2018 Every year, Coca-Cola Beverages Florida distributes over 100 million   cases of product to customers over the state of Florida. That means that each year, we have over 100 million opportunities to impact the environment. In recognition of this, we are always striving to reduce improve our [...]

 Coke Scholars

Coke ScholarsDecember 7 2017 To celebrate Coca-Cola’s centennial in 1986, The Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola bottlers came together to fund the Coca−Cola Scholars Foundation. This commitment to education enables the Foundation to support over 1,400 college students each year, with annual scholarships of $3.4 million through two nationally recognized programs on behalf of the Coca-Cola System. [...]

Corporate Safety: “Turkey Day” Contest

Corporate Safety Department “Turkey Day” ContestDecember 1 2017 This year, we saw great participation in our Corporate Safety Department “Turkey Day” Contest! We saw excellent participation from associates at various Coca-Cola bottlers across North America. Participants were asked to identify at least 10 safety hazards associated with the picture shown here. At least 20 hazards were [...]

Coca-Cola Supports Hurricane Irma R&R

Coca-Cola Supports Hurricane Irma Relief and Recovery Media Contact Ben Sheidler +01 404.676.2683 The Coca-Cola Company Global Public Affairs & Communications Department P.O. Box 1734 Atlanta, GA 30301 News Release Coca-Cola Supports Hurricane Irma Relief and Recovery The Coca-Cola Foundation Pledges $1 Million to Disaster Relief Efforts in  The southeastern U.S. and the Caribbean [...]

Coke Florida Sponsors 2017 Rowing Championships

Coke Florida Sponsors 2017 Rowing ChampionshipsSeptember 24 2017 On September 24, Coca-Cola Beverages Florida (Coke Florida) partnered with The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) and the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) to support the 2017 Rowing Championships. Taking place in Sarasota, this eight-day event featured over 20 professional rowing teams, hailing from over 20 different countries. The WWF [...]