Corporate Safety: “Turkey Day” Contest

Corporate Safety Department “Turkey Day” Contest

December 1 2017

This year, we saw great participation in our Corporate Safety Department “Turkey Day” Contest! We saw excellent participation from associates at various Coca-Cola bottlers across North America. Participants were asked to identify at least 10 safety hazards associated with the picture shown here. At least 20 hazards were identified by those who participated including the following:

  1. Pallet is raised up too high off the ground with potentially obstructed view driving forwards
  2. Box and product on pallet is not secured by stretch wrap
  3. Open forks and improper placement of pallet / not centered
  4. Operator with safety glasses on head
  5. Operator eating while on truck (Turkey leg)
  6. Operator wearing flip flops instead of safety shoes and no high visible clothing
  7. Operator not wearing seat belt
  8. Operator looking at phone and texting while eating turkey leg
  9. Operator wearing ear phones in his ears
  10. Rear view mirror is bent up towards the ceiling
  11. Boxes and product are stacked unsafely and not uniformly (uneven load with potential for product damage or falling objects)
  12. Inappropriate clothing (i.e. loose fitting, not tucked in, shorts, flip flops, no uniform if required, etc.)
  13. Potentially worn tires
  14. Light not on and/or missing on one side
  15. No hands on steering wheel while eating and texting!
  16. Loose materials behind seat
  17. Forks not tilted backwards
  18. Mixed load of allergens and non-allergen products (“food safety” issue)
  19. Hairnet / beard net missing if driving in production areas
  20. Steering with knees with hands off the steering wheel