Coke Florida Attends Florida Recycles Day Conference

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Coke Florida attends Florida Recycles Day conference

January 3, 2018

Every year, Coca-Cola Beverages Florida distributes over 100 million   cases of product to customers over the state of Florida. That means that each year, we have over 100 million opportunities to impact the environment. In recognition of this, we are always striving to reduce improve our footprint in the communities in which we operate. In early December, our EHSS Manager for the Tampa area, Bill Kavaky, attended the Florida Recycles Day conference on behalf of Coke Florida at the State Capitol.

This event allows the public to gain insight into what efforts are being made, on a corporate level, to promote sustainable practices within the local community. Put on by Florida Recycling Partnership, Kenya Corey, the organizations Executive Director explained that this “coalition of top Florida companies and associations [unite over their joint mission] to educate policy makers, other businesses and the public on the benefits of recycling.” Here, Bill had the opportunity to share information Coke Florida has taken to further increase our efforts in maintaining practices that keep our land and air clean.

So far, many of these efforts have already been set in motion. Currently operating at 98% diversion from landfill each year, our manufacturing facilities greatly reduce the amount of waste created by our production processes. Beyond  this, our Dasani and Smart Water is packaged in bottles made from a sustainable plastic, which is 30% plant based and all the bellybands we use to package our product is biodegradable and recyclable.

By partnering with organizations such as Florida Recycle, we can amplify our voice as we advocate for a cleaner place to live. This year’s conference theme was “Rethink, Reset, Recycle,” which strives to encourage the community to rethink the way they recycle. Kenya encouraged the crowd “to think of every day as recycles day. Remember to rethink what you recycle and reset your behavior to focus on what to RECYCLE.”

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