As the local Florida Coca-Cola bottler, Coke Florida is committed to sustainability.

We live, work and play in the communities we serve, and we are committed to making a positive difference in our communities through four sustainability areas:

Recycling, Water Stewardship, Resiliency, and Litter & Waste Reduction


Our plastic Pet bottles are made of valuable, fully recyclable plastic – including the caps! It is important for us to find useful ways to recycle our PET packages, since they have a lower carbon footprint than other package types, such as aluminum and glass.

While food and beverage containers are an important part of modern life, the world has a packaging problem. Coke Florida has a responsibility to help solve it and we are committed to recycling all our packaging by:

  • Developing a closed-loop circular economy with our customers and partners

  • Securing recyclables through Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs). Learn more about RVMs in our video below.

  • Partnering with local communities to apply for recycling and sustainability grants

  • Expanding upon existing recycling programs with customers

  • Investing in education and outreach for community recycling programs

  • Aligned with The Coca-Cola™ Company and The Coca-Cola™ bottling system, we are committed to creating a World Without Waste: one in which all our packages are recovered and recycled numerous times

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Water Stewardship is critical to our business and our ecosystems and is essential to the health of our local communities.

Our support is focused on our efforts to:

  • Fund and support annual water replenishment projects for our critical watersheds

  • Provide rain barrels to conserve water and reduce stormwater runoff at home

  • Plant native species that assist in replenishing our local aquafers

  • Invest in innovations to conserve and best utilize water resources within our facilities and customer locations

  • Improve internal manufacturing and business practices to reduce the Water-Use Ratio and overall water consumption

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Through our Rain Barrel Program, Coke Florida donates upcycled syrup drums and conversion kits to local organizations and partners. A rain barrel system collects and stores rainwater from a roof that would otherwise be diverted to storm drains and streams. Find out more about the Coke Florida Rain Barrel Program.


In the context of climate change, resilience is the ability of a community or a system – bottling plant, distribution network, or supply chain – to rebound following a shock such as a natural disaster. Our efforts in Resiliency include:

  • Reducing our overall carbon footprint through supply chain improvements

  • Developing Resiliency Toolkits for Coke Florida’s territories

  • Supporting local resiliency work in the communities we serve and partnering to expand public knowledge on climate risks

  • Make investments in our fleet, including solar-powered equipment

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Climate change impacts throughout the state of Florida are projected to become worse year over year. Building resilience requires not only recognizing potential hazards like extreme weather events but also understanding the underlying vulnerabilities that may affect recovery from these potential disasters.


Our Litter & Waste Reduction focus combines efforts in our facilities and our communities. We accomplish this by:

  • Certifying our local manufacturing facilities as Zero Waste to Landfill through our third-party partner, GreenCircle Certified

  • Engaging associates and customers in local cleanup events, such as the Ocean Conservancy’s  International Coastal Cleanup, one of The Coca-Cola Company’s longest-standing partners

  • Providing education on the importance of recovering recyclable packaging and preventing litter

  • Working with local communities and non-profit partners to advance recycling and waste collection infrastructure. Learn more about the Orange County recycling grant.

We work closely with community partners across the state that share the common goal to keep our state pristine and in turn, make a greater local impact.


Our local community partners in Sustainability share our commitment to making lasting change.


We are proud to partner with:



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